Poleg Power Center: The Best Shopping In Town

Netanya’s newest shopping center, opened in 2003. Great atmosphere, especially on weekends. Situated on the cities new industrial park near other big shops such IKEA and other Hypermarkets.

There is also a huge parking for free.
Open every day from 10:00-21:30 except Friday that is 10:00-15:00 and Saturday that is open from 10-22:00

What to buy: There are many fashion stores, most of them are Israeli companies, for example: Lee Cooper, TNT, Castro, Fox and more. There are also sports, books, optics, jewelry, furniture, house decoration, and more. There are also some ‘Do it yourself’ shops.


Kenyon Hasharon: Netanya’s First Shopping Center

Built in the early nineties, it was the first shopping center of Netanya and even until today it is the most successful one. Built in a shiny glass style makes it a very modern place. It was also built in the entrance to the city in a very important crossroads makes it a very active and lively pace to visit.

There are a very cool 2 transparent elevators but they are very slow. Sometimes there are activities to children in the mall.
There is a parking that cost 4 Nis.

What to buy: There are many Fashion stores including the famous Mango, and other Israeli companies such: Castro, Fox and Crocker. There are also kids, decoration, cosmetics and many more kinds of stores.
There is also 14 screen cinema and a food court.


Tiv-Taam: Food From All Over The World

Tiv-Taam is a big supermarket, selling wide range of food product. You can find there anything that is eatable, there are many things that you can not find in any other place in Israel.
There is also a restaurant in the supermarket.
Opening hours:
Sunday to Tuesday, Saturday: 09:00-22:00
Wednesday, Thursday: 09:00-23:00
Friday: 08:00-19:00

What to buy: There is a lot of alcoholic drinks, especially once that made in Europe. There is a wide range of meet, I even saw shrimps that is very hard to find here. There are also great chocolate and other sweets shops.



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